THE Scottish government's £10m plan to pilot a four-day working week would be welcomed south of the border too, according to our readers.

A report released yesterday indicated that Scotland is set to trial the four-day week model, "without loss of pay", based on previous trials in places like Iceland, Japan and New Zealand.

New polling, published in an IPPR Scotland report published yesterday, reveals people in Scotland are overwhelmingly supportive of the introduction of a four-day working week.

The IPPR found benefits to wellbeing, productivity and gender divides.

But the report did warn that any pilot must include a variety of workers and employers across the economy. "Unless lower paid sectors are included," it said, "and those roles that may be less straightforward to reduce working time for – such as part time work - pilots may not test proposals for shorter-weeks properly."

Report co-author and senior research fellow at IPPR Scotland, Rachel Statham said: “The Scottish Government is right to be trialling a four-day working week because today’s evidence shows that it is a policy with overwhelming public support, and could be a positive step towards building an economy hardwired for wellbeing.

“But any successful transition post-Covid-19 must include all kinds of workplaces, and all types of work."

Readers in Cumbria largely agreed. Chris Clark commented: "It's been proven for ages, a happy rested employee in a happy work place is a very productive employee. We work to live, we do not live to work!"

Michelle Marie said: "Yes, more productive and a better work life balance, not to mention it frees up space for new jobs for young people."

Kevin Finnerty said: "This was proposed by Labour over two years ago and the media went mental. Now all of a sudden it's a good idea and the evidence is being shown."

Rebecca Mossop said it already works. "Many places in some industries are now doing four on, four off," she said. "Think it would be beneficial for so many reasons."

Suzanne Mcfc Hurst added: "I do this and work the same hours but longer days, no loss of money. My mental health is better and my work life balance is far better."