Readers have been mulling over the impact of potentially having fewer students living in Carlisle after a city councillor raised concerns over the idea that some might decide not to move to the city this term.

Botcherby and Harraby North councillor Jeffrey Bomford fears this could have a huge impact on business after it was reported that some landlords in Carlisle had seen a drop in interest from students.

Here’s what readers had to say.

NMJ posted: “I wonder if rents will drop as demand does? Somehow I doubt it.

AlltheKarens added: “If demand had dropped rent will drop. That is supply and demand, but as pointed [out] there might be demand elsewhere.”

CJ City Properties in Carlisle was one letting agency that said it had experienced a drop in students renting rooms compared to previous years.

Crawford Johnson of CJ City Properties said this could be because of the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: “Why rent somewhere if you’re not sure if your course is going to be online?You might as well use your wi-fi at home and not pay rent.

“It’s an understandable concern – do you want to pay your course and rent, but not get the benefit of meeting other people?

“Our numbers have dropped a little bit, but not significantly.

“We will continue to let to students, and if we can’t, we will let to families and working people.”