A council’s spelling mistake on a tourist site sign has sparked amusement.

Maryport Town Council has recently released signage for the town’s historic coke ovens.

Believed to be the oldest coke ovens in the world, it’s perhaps not the target of discussion at this point of time.

Instead, observant readers have noticed that an arrow points to the ‘Netherhall blast furness’, instead of ‘furnace’.

Council officials said they hoped that the mistake would prove to be a funny talking point and lead to more people using the boards.

A spokesperson from the council told the BBC: “The council will not be replacing the boards as it would be too costly.

"Hopefully it will be a humorous talking point which will let more people know about the information boards, rather than a negative."

Information about the ovens, which was published by the council, said these coke ovens, located at Furnace Road in Maryport, have a ‘unique’ form, and are believed to have been built between 1754 and 1782.

The sign which explains the ovens’ history is at the southern end of Mill Street Car Park.