AN 84-year-old-man has completed a cycling challenge in memory of his wife. 

Gerard McCarten, of Whitehaven, cycled the combined height of four of the highest peaks in the UK without going more than 100 metres from his home. 

He did this to raise money for Asthma and Lung UK in memory of his wife who had suffered a serious lung condition since 1980. 

Mr McCarten said: "I completed my Four Peaks Challenge for Bronchiectasis Research on Friday at 8 am I climbed a height of 4465 metres (14,642 feet) and made 760 ascents of the 8% gradient. Each circuit gave me a height Gain of 5.875 metres.

"Day one had gone to plan, two by two-hour sessions to cover 240 circuits. On Day two I attended a friend's funeral and aimed to complete the second session later.

"However, on restarting my phone's battery was flat which further delayed my re-start. By 8pm I was fatigued and finished the day one hour behind schedule. 

"On Day three I rode five, one-hour sessions and rest for one hour between sessions. By 8pm I had got back to schedule and climbed off.

"However, when I examined my recorded data, I was 33 circuits short of the target height of 4446 metres.

"I resolved to complete the challenge before 9 am the following morning. So, at 7:20 I started the final leg and finished at 8am.

"Olympic and World Championship rider, Mike Cowley of Beckermet, was present each day to give support and encouragement.

"Mike was a great mate and gave me the determination to complete the challenge. So too did the many messages of support from neighbours, friends, and Asthma+Lung UK who supported the endeavour."