More than 200,000 people were present at Glastonbury last week to see acts like Dua Lipa, Coldplay and Cyndi Lauper. 

However, not everyone at the world-famous festival was there for the music. 

Jacqui Gavin and her team of litter-pickers headed to Worthy Farm with the aim of cleaning up the fields and raising money for local charity Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team. 

JacquiJacqui (Image: Supplied)

In total, Jacqui and the other volunteers would raise £4400 for the lifesaving service. 

She said: "My friends and I are cyclists, mountain bikers, dog walkers. Any one of us could be in need of the mountain rescue. The really important point to make is that they are all volunteers, they leave their jobs to come and help somebody in need which I think is absolutely amazing. They provide a safety net for people visiting our home which I think is incredibly important."

Jacqui first put together a team of volunteers at Glastonbury five years ago, and allowed her six places, but it has grown to a group of 22. 

She added: "I really wanted to do something to help local. I've spent a fair amount of time helping places overseas but this year I just wanted to bring the money home. We raised £4400 but it will hopefully raise another 25 per cent with gift aid. That will cumulatively take me over £10,000 raised. I'm really pleased, because that was my target."

As a volunteer, you have to pay £350 to cover the Glastonbury ticket, and £200 of that was then taken from each person to go to Cockermouth MRT, resulting in the total of £4400. 

Dua Lipa reaches out to volunteer Cath ConveryDua Lipa reaches out to volunteer Cath Convery (Image: Supplied)

Despite the fantastic range of musical talent on show, Jacqui's highlights were perhaps more focused on the benefits you get from being a volunteer, including private showers and avoiding busy arrival times.

She concluded: "The real highlights are getting in early and getting so well looked after by Critical Waste. But I loved seeing the behind the scenes. It's like watching a city grow. Music-wise my personal favourites were James, Squeeze and Avril Lavigne. I got a great picture of my friend with Dua Lipa, with her Cockermouth MRT hat on as well."