POLICE have issued a warning after a child was seriously injured falling from a ten-foot high fence while trying to access an enclosed sports pitch.

The incident happened last month when the child was attempting to gain entry to the 3G pitch at Cleator Moor Activity Centre, which is kept closed when not in use due to anti-social behaviour.

An ambulance was called but paramedics were unable to get in to provide medical assistance as the child lay seriously injured.

Police are now urging parents to ensure their children are not attempting to access the site while it is closed and say anyone found inside will be committing an offence.

A spokesperson for Copeland Police said: “On June 7, we located two young people who had climbed over the fence to play on the 3G pitch at Cleator Moor Activity Centre. This is not allowed and anyone found inside will be committing the offence of being found on enclosed premises.

“The fence is over 10 feet high; a couple of weeks ago one child fell from the fence and lay seriously injured inside. When an ambulance was called they were unable to get in and provide medical assistance. Fortunately, there were no life threatening or time critical injuries.

Youths have previously vandalised the 3G pitch at Cleator Moor Activity CentreYouths have previously vandalised the 3G pitch at Cleator Moor Activity Centre (Image: Newsquest)

“The site has to remain closed when not booked as sadly some youths have caused damage to the nets; set fires, melting the grass and been abusive to staff when asked to leave.

“Please speak to your children and ensure they are not going here.”

Michael Eldon, who represents Cleator Moor West on Cumberland Council, said: “We know there has been an issue. There have been a couple of meetings to try and resolve this.

“We’ve got a clear plan going forward that the young people should be allowed to use the facilities safely, going forward.

“But also, young people should be able to take some responsibility and not causing anti-social behaviour while they are on it.”

A spokesperson for GLL said: “3G pitches are contained within perimeter fencing to contain activities inside and deter trespass.

 “GLL works with local partners - including schools and football clubs - to warn against unauthorised access to the facilities.”