Carlisle Police have urged parents and guardians to speak to young people about the risk of injury and death from dangerous driving after a scooter was seized. 

The police shared an image of a scooter that was seized in Harraby and suggested that they would find the three males who had been accompanying it soon.

Carlisle Police said: "As we enter the summer months we historically see a rise in the use of off-road bikes and scooters by those who have no eligibility and often are children.

"We would urge parents, guardians and members of the public to speak with your young people around the increased risk of injury or death by the improper use of these bikes without proper protection. Nationally we know all too well the consequences of riding these bikes beyond the risk of collecting a criminal record or driving ban.

"Officers from the NPT this week have recovered this bike which was reported stolen earlier in the week. To the three young males who accompanied it, next time you may want to smile when passing CCTV , we will be seeing you soon! or by all means, come and see us anytime of the day.

"This alongside our Roads Policing Unit RPU seizing an electric SURRON from the Harraby area yesterday shows our clear commitment to when opportunities present, take positive action and hold those riding antisocially to account."