A Cumbria Police operation to tackle illegal bikes has been using drones to assist.

The operation was conducted by the Allerdale Neighbourhood Policing Team on Friday, July 5 in the Salterbeck area of Workington.

This move comes after several complaints from residents, councillors, and housing associations about persistent anti-social bike use in the area.

Two illegal off-road bikes, a scrambler and a Sur-Ron electric bike, were seized as a result of the crackdown.

Further enquiries led to two people being reported for driving offences, plus another two are waiting to be interviewed by officers.

One person was reported for driving without due care and attention and a section 59 notice was issued.

During the operation, officers also carried out a stop search on an individual which yielded no negative results.

However, drugs found nearby were confiscated.

A form was submitted for the 'It's Your Choice' intervention scheme following anti-social behaviour displayed by a male.

The scheme educates young people about the consequences of their actions and their impact on others, leading to a letter being sent to parents and increased scrutiny if the youth reoffends.

In a statement about the operation, sergeant Neil McKinnell said: "This the first time that we have used drones to assist us in identifying and tracking the activity of these bikes.

"The drone capability allowed us to direct officers to those area’s leading to the two bikes that were seized.

"We will continue to tackle these issues and ask that the public report activity and locations of antisocial and illegal use of bikes so we can continue to take action."

The public is urged to report any illegal or antisocial activity related to bikes.

More advice on the subject can be found on the Cumbria Police website.