THE tap water in Carlisle has returned to normal, according to United Utilities, following three days of murky discolouration.

On July 2, reports emerged of a significant discolouration in the water supply in the Carlisle and Brampton areas.

Hot water was emerging from taps and shower heads either brown, yellow or cloudy.

While some were able to find a relatively quick fix by running their cold water tap continuously until the hot water cleared, others continue to have issues until the afternoon of July 4. 

Some were left without access to clear water for more than 50 hours due to the issues caused by what was later revealed to be a burst pipe.

A United Utilities spokesperson, said: “Some customers around Carlisle may have noticed they had discoloured water over the last few days following a burst on one of our pipes in the area. 

"Sometimes the changes in water flow and pressure resulting from the burst can disturb naturally-occurring sediments in the pipe network, and this is what caused the discolouration.

"The pipe was quickly repaired and our teams have been working hard to flush the system so supplies return to normal. 

“We expect that this issue has been resolved for the majority of customers but if anyone is still experiencing discoloured water, we advise them to run their cold water taps at a trickle to help draw through any remaining sediment.

"We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused."

After making the issue their 'top priority', United Utilities confirmed that the issue was resolved at around 2pm on Thursday July 4.

They wrote: "We are pleased to say, that we have now completed the flushing in your area, and you should now start to see your water supply return to normal.

"Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience."

While the murky water wasn't deemed to be harmful, some local cafes said they'd been forced to sell bottled water.