Gym-goers in Cumbria have voiced their frustration after a gym closed 'completely out of the blue' just two days after monthly membership fees were taken.

Martyn Yates, owner of Yates Evolution in Aspatria, confirmed on Facebook that the gym would be closing due to a significant increase in electric bills, as well as his lease being up.

The owner had initially posted about an increase in prices, but later deleted the post on Facebook and suggested that the gym was now closed.

The initial post which suggested that membership prices would increaseThe initial post which suggested that membership prices would increase (Image: Social Media)

He wrote: "It's with great sadness I announce the closure of Yates Evolution Gym. Having subsidised the gym for the last few months with a trebling of utility bills, plus its the end of the lease and I'm not prepared to sign another.

"My electricity bill alone went up to £950 a month making the club untenable. Please stop your direct debits with debit at your bank. They have been informed today of closure."

However, disappointed customers were quick to share their anger, as a direct debit had already been taken from their accounts two days prior, and those who messaged directly were informed that there was no money available to pay them back.

Mr Yates' Facebook post on closing the gym was also subsequently deleted, with several customers suggesting that they didn't receive sufficient warning.

Kieran Charters visited the gym on July 3 but found a sign suggesting that it was now closed, having paid his £33.95 membership fee on the first of the month. 

He said: "I walked up to the gym and there was a sign on the door saying it was closed and the lease was up. I then contacted them as I had just paid my direct debit on the first of the month, but was told there was nothing he could do.

"There was absolutely no warning to any of us about the gym possible closing, it was completely out of the blue."

Some customers only found out the news from this signSome customers only found out the news from this sign (Image: Supplied)

Kieran claimed he was later blocked by Mr Yates on Facebook as he tried to get his money back.

The News & Star approached the owner for comment, but he had not responded by the time of publication.