Carlisle United supporters have been contacting the News & Star in their droves to pay tribute to Andrew Jenkins.

Here is a selection of fans' comments on the long-serving former owner and chairman, whose death was announced by the club on Wednesday.

RIP Mr Carlisle. Will always be chairman of this great club, without Andrew we wouldn't have a club and without the club we wouldn't have had Andrew. Rest in peace sir (Josh Trafford)

Rest in Peace Mr Jenkins . Wouldn't be a club without you and you'll be a long time remembered. (Chris Wright)

Very sad news. A man who dedicated many years to the club we all support and without him there may not even be a Carlisle United. Thoughts are with his family at this difficult time and thank you Andrew for everything you have done for CUFC (Chris Gibson)

Last spoke to him in April at Blackpool game during our boardroom experience, he made a point of coming over for a chat, condolences to all his family sad day (Keith Elliott)

Andrew Jenkins always a gentleman and true fan. Thank you for saving our club. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP sir. Mr Carlisle United. (Christine Rice)

RIP - he was a gentleman who didn’t seek the limelight but showed an amazing, unmatched dedication to the club. (Christopher Lamb)

How terribly sad. He clearly loved and lived Carlisle United and did so much for the club during some very difficult times. Thoughts are with his family, friends and everyone who knew him at the club. RIP Andrew (Paul Slee)

RIP Andrew Jenkins - United's biggest fan, thanks for your loyal service to the club, you'll be sadly missed (Christopher Williamson)

RIP Andrew. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you and your team have dome for, not only Carlisle United, but our beautiful city of Carlisle too. (Gary Hope)

For the last 6/7 years since we moved into the Paddock, he would always reach over and give my dad a handshake after every win. Big beaming grin on his face. He really was Mr Carlisle United. He’ll be a huge miss to the club and the city. (Riegan Thompson)

RIP Andrew thoughts to all the family. Would always find time to crack to the fans home and away. His blood would be BLUE. A Carlisle Legend/ saviour and a true gentleman. (Raymond Bristo)

RIP Andrew. We will never forget what you did for our club. Statue needed?? (Thomas Heenan)

Mr CUFC. Only the Jenkins family and those inside the Club will know the true sacrifice this man made on many occasions for our Club. Let’s get promotion in his memory, 50 years on from the greatest triumph (Paul Mason)

RIP Mr Carlisle United, never forgotten (Frank Lucas)

Rest in peace Mr Jenkins. A lifetime of service to Carlisle United. Condolences to family members and all at CUFC. (Christine Young)

Every football club needs that one person who is completely synonymous with everything that they do and a constant reassuring presence. Andrew was ours. He had Carlisle in his soul. It won't be the same not seeing him at Brunton Park but his spirit will be always be with us. (Steve Kilner)

The club will be ever indebted to that man, Carlisle through and through. RIP sir. (Paul Jeffels)

Without his dedication & love for the club it’s unlikely we would still have a club to support. RIP (Howard Atkinson)

Thank you for saving our club Mr Carlisle (Ashley Mahoney)

His long service and dedication to Carlisle United Football Club speaks for itself, always had the clubs best interest at heart… RIP Mr Jenkins (Kyle Dixon)

A quiet, reserved, patient and giving gentleman. His presence will be missed. (Avril Richards)

Andrew Jenkins, Mr Carlisle United! Such a sad day (David Tattum)

RIP Andrew you did so much for the club and kept us afloat, may you look down at your beloved Carlisle United for ever (Malcolm Little)

He was here through ups and downs, and in our bad times he was the man who kept us alive, it was clear he loved the club. (Gary Wylie)

He was a true gentleman (Tony Thompson)

Without Andrew we wouldn't have a club. Such a shame he won't see the results of the work being done by the new owners. RIP. (Andy Barnard)

The Saviour of Carlisle Utd ... R.I.P Sir (John Reay)

True gentleman and should be held in high regard, gave everything to the club and the city. RIP Andrew you will be missed and never forgotten (Grant Davidson)

RIP Mr Jenkins I thank you for everything you’ve done for Carlisle United - a true blue, a gentleman, a Carlisle fan who just loved watching his beloved football team xxx my condolences go out to family and friends. I’ll forever be grateful for you keeping us afloat when times were hard. May you watch your super Carlisle in Gods Stadium forever more (Krystle Gale)

R. I. P sir you will be missed by all at Carlisle United (Neil Opeszek)

Sad news RIP thoughts go to his family. (Paul Hal Irving)

An honourable gentleman who saw Carlisle United through good times and bad. Never unwavering in his support for the club. A sad loss to the club and the city. Rest in peace. (Dave Dennison)

Without him in all likelihood, the club wouldn't exist. Rest in peace, Mr Carlisle United. (Martyn Waller)

RIP Andrew. Used to stand at the back of the paddock just underneath his seat for many years. A @officialcufc legend never to be forgotten. (Phil Martin)

What to say!!! A Top top bloke, a Gentleman. Loved Carlisle United with passion just like a true fan. #MRCARLISLEUNITED It has to be said, This Man Saved Carlisle united from brink of oblivion imho. Found the right owners to take the club forward. Thank you Andrew R. I. P MATE. (Ian Sanderson)

I won the half time draw, Ewan the lottery manager rang me and said come down and get the cheque now as we were going on holiday, I went down to the ground and there to meet me was Andrew, who presented me with the cheque, had photos taken, asked where we were going etc. Nice man. (John Lucock)

We came over from Australia for a game and he made it a special day for my son and I. Drinks in directors room, my son got to carry the fox out to the centre and photo with captains, watched game from directors box, players lounge after game and to top it off interview with Derek Lacey. R.I.P. Andrew our thoughts and prayers for the family (Harry Cornish)

Always had a good crack with him on a Monday morning in his office about the weekends football and how we played in general. Went in for 1 min to grab something but ended up staying for ages. Always enjoyed them days. He was a blue thru and thru. RIP AJ (Ian Watson)

Rest in Power Mr Jenkins. A great, old school man, Carlisle through and through & Meat through and through. What a combo. Thoughts with everyone connected to him especially Diane. Really sad day. (Cameron Ellis)

An honour and a pleasure to have worked and known this truly inspirational man . United will not be the same without his presence (Steve Barker)

RIP Andrew. A man who supported the club through good and bad times and who should be remembered for the time he gave and the funds he invested. Delighted he got to see us promoted at Wembley and the stand named after him which he fully deserved. (Matt Elliott)

Always had time for a crack about football at work. Even gave a hint of a new player coming through the door now and then, he was a top man. Rip Andrew (Stephen Teasdale)

Me and a mate were apprentices in 83-85, he would always stop and speak when he saw us.. 2 years ago we went to watch Carlisle v Bristol Rovers and after the match asked if we could see him, he came out and spent 30 minutes with us and remembered us both, lovely man..RIP (Gary Robinson)

Rip Andrew, would not have been a Carlisle Utd without your support (Geoff Robinson)

Nobody invested as much time, money and effort into Carlisle Utd. RIP (Ronnie Smith)