A COMPETITIONS company has shared news of their charity and social work. 

Cloud Competitions say that when they first began they saw an 'opportunity in the market' that could benefit the Cumbrian community. 

The team says that they have always been passionate about giving back to charities, supporting local clubs, and sourcing prizes from local businesses. 

In the first 11 months, they say they have 'gone above our own expectations' and have given £67,000 of their profits back to the community through clubs, food banks, charities, and events. 

In a post on social media, Cloud Competitions wrote: "With the rapid growth of Cloud Competitions, we are able to give back more frequently and larger amounts than we ever imagined at this stage.

"We are three individuals who all work full-time jobs but are fully committed to making a brighter future for our area. We don't just want our logo to be known as a competition company, we want people to know we are here to help."

The trio explained that the Cloud Competitions business venture takes up a lot of their time. 

They say that the company has a bright future ahead, stating 'the bigger we grow, the more we can help.' 

Cloud Competitions added: "Our goal isn't just to help our great community, it's also to make a positive impact in people's lives, to win the next best thing or big cash amounts for a couple of quid. To point people in the right direction if they aren't themselves."