An iconic building in Carlisle city centre was transformed into the venue for a photoshoot for a brand new, luxury fashion brand.

The Crown and Mitre hotel in the city centre was the host of a major fashion campaign shoot for award-winning designer, Ross Griffiths’ spring and summer ’24 collection.

The fashion shoot also used other locations throughout the city including the outside of the cathedral and the market cross.

Some of Ross' new designsSome of Ross' new designs (Image: Gabriela Osinska) Ross, who is from Chorley in Lancashire, is the founder of Kingfisher Couture and is the stylist to Eastenders icon, Anita.

After undergoing significant hurdles, and following an eight-month hiatus, the brand has made a comeback with an all-new collection with the Lancashire designer “not afraid to take risks”.

Under Ross’ leadership, the brand has received international acclaim and is hoping to create a legacy across the country and Carlisle will be at the centre of his new campaign.

Yet, this journey to success has not been smooth for Mr Griffiths.

His personal life has been marred with multiple setbacks, including grappling with addiction and living with HIV, diagnosed at the young age of 21.

Ross GriffithsRoss Griffiths (Image: Supplied) Nevertheless, he refused to let his circumstances define him, drawing strength from his past to propel his career forward.

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A spokesperson for Kingfisher Couture said that the shoot was a ‘huge moment’ for the city.

“The decision to shoot outside a historic cathedral was a bold one, but Ross was determined to push the boundaries and create a visually stunning campaign that would capture the attention of fashion lovers everywhere,” said the spokesperson.

“Despite the potential controversy surrounding the shoot, Ross and his team remained unfazed, confident in the vision and the message he wanted to convey through his designs.

“The photoshoot was a success, with the images capturing the attention of the local community.”

Gabriela Osinska Photographer 

Amina Sheikh Makeup Artist 

Georgia Rae Published Model 

Creative Director Ross Griffiths