A Carlisle DJ got the crowd dancing last week with his first performance at the world-renowned Glastonbury festival. 

Jake Colley, 28, was one of six DJs to take to the BBC Introducing stage on Thursday afternoon where he played a 15 minute set which hyped up the festival goers. 

The stage at Glastonbury is a long way from when Jake started getting into DJing eight years ago at university.

He said: "Ever since I've been DJing, really, it's always been a dream to play at Glastonbury.

"So for it to happen in these circumstances, it's just absolutely incredible.

"I feel so honoured, really, that I was given the opportunity and I just keep thinking how many things needed to fall into place for it to happen."

A few months ago, Jake had noticed that the BBC Introducing stage line-up featured an Open Deck segment which would give emerging artists the chance to play a short set at the festival.

The first 50 people to turn up to the stage and register on Thursday had their names pulled from the hat and after an agonising five turns, Jake's was the last name to be chosen.

Despite being nervous about what he was about to do, he was able to get the crowd hyped up bringing in more people to watch him. 

"As I got into it, more and more people seemed to come to the stage and started dancing," he said.

"And by the end it was a massive crowd. I couldn't believe it. Everyone was absolutely loving it.

"As far as I could see, people were really enjoying themselves. I was so buzzing with how everything went."

It was an "absolutely surreal" moment for Jake who has also been performing at local gigs and festivals. 

His last set before Glastonbury was at Jungle Boogie in Workington which saw a few hundred people attend. 

So, he hopes that the opportunity to perform on the BBC Introducing stage is the first of "many things to come."

Jake said: "I'm hoping that the next time I'm playing, I'll be actually booked as an artist as well."

"You've got a dream big, haven't you?"