Young people gathered for an afternoon of live music, an art exhibition, and workshops for the Queer Cumbria event in collaboration with Tullie. 

Tullie's secret garden was transformed into a space for people to celebrate Pride Month on June 29.

Local musicians provided the backdrop to event as people got stuck into creating their own art, browsed the book stall, had their photos taken, and just enjoyed time with their friends in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Stevie Westgarth, a director of Queer Cumbria, said: "We spoke about six months ago about doing a summer event as an alternative feeling to pride because we wanted a space that was alcohol free, that was really about queerness, led by queer people with creative activities and music as a mini event where, especially young people, but really anybody, could come in and meet their community and have a nice day."

The event also featured a preview of the Queer Rail Trail, an art exhibition in partnership with Queer Cumbria, Community Rail Partnerships, and Northern Rail.

Local artists were invited to produce artwork around the theme of queer identity which will be installed at stations along the lines between Whitehaven and Newcastle.

Luke Trotman is one of the artists whose work will be displayed along the route. His piece shows two children sat side by side with the text 'Support trans youth' written above them.

He said: "I thought for some reason, I might pick a photo of me and my brother when we were kids and draw that, and it has the text 'support trans youth', because I was a trans youth then, even though I wasn't necessarily out.

"And I think it's just a really good way to see us as humans.

"When you see people as children, you go 'oh, that's a person we should look after.'"

Each piece of work features a QR code that will direct people towards support organisations in the area. 

Passengers will also be able to share what they think would make the train safer for queer people.

Anne Ridley, director of Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership said: "One of our missions is to get more people to travel on the train and to make people feel safe travelling on the train.

"We're looking at inclusivity projects and this was a great project for that."

You can find out more about Queer Cumbria on its website.