Calderwood Coffee has been launched to raise funds for Egremont’s Calderwood House homeless hostel.

The coffee has been created by Louise Murphy, who attributes her life transformation to the support given by Time to Change West Cumbria, the organisation that runs Calderwood House.

Alongside Whitehaven-based Shiloh Coffee Roasters, Ms Murphy, now a marketing assistant for the not-for-profit organisation, has developed this exclusive blend of ethically-sourced coffee.

This blend was first introduced at a business networking event at Energus.

It quickly gained popularity and has now been added to the venue's café menu.

The blend was introduced at a networking event at EnergusThe blend was introduced at a networking event at Energus (Image: Supplied)

Other businesses, including The Bus Station in Whitehaven and React Engineering, followed suit.

All profits from sales are directly invested back into supporting vulnerable individuals grappling with homelessness and poverty in West Cumbria.

Ms Murphy said: "Time to Change was there for me when my life reached its lowest point.

"Thanks to their support, I’ve been able to turn my life around and this is my way of giving something back and making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

“I want every single person who comes through the door of Calderwood House to have all the resources readily available to them so that they have every opportunity to rebuild their lives.

"Every purchase of Calderwood Coffee helps support our hostel and related projects that give homeless people a chance at a better future.

“We believe in the power of community and the simple act of coming together over a cup of coffee to create positive change.

"Every time our customers sit down with a cup of our coffee, that’s exactly what they’re doing.”

Mark Armstrong, founder and roaster at Shiloh Coffee Roasters, said the team is 'excited' to partner with Calderwood House.

He said: "We're always keen to maximise the social impact of what we do, both here where we roast our coffee and in the countries where it's grown.

"In the short time we've been working together we've seen a glimpse of the amazing work Calderwood House is doing to benefit the community and transform lives.

"We are excited to see what the future will bring."

Tony Brown, head chef at Energus, said: "The quality and flavour of the coffee really speaks for itself so why not come and taste for yourself?

"You’re not just getting a great-tasting, ethically-sourced coffee but you are contributing to a worthwhile local cause."

Calderwood House, established in 2015 as an emergency homeless hostel, has 10 en-suite rooms, placing a priority on veterans.

Time to Change West Cumbria is a community interest company, meaning it relies on grant funding, donations, and fundraising activities.

It's hoped that the sales of Calderwood Coffee will provide a steady income to further support the work of Calderwood House.

The social impact of Calderwood Coffee spreads beyond West Cumbria.

Each bean is ethically sourced from sustainable farms, ensuring fair wages and working conditions for the farmers.

The coffee, offered in whole bean, espresso, cafetière, decaf and dark roast varieties, is available in 250g and 1kg bags; larger quantities are also available for the hospitality sector.

Ms Murphy said: "We’d love coffee lovers everywhere to join our mission by drinking our coffee.

"By buying from us, customers aren’t just able to enjoy premium, ethical coffee; they’re contributing to a cause that brings hope and opportunity to people who really need it.

"Together, we can make a meaningful impact, one cup at a time."

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