A WELLNESS clinic which has been set up by husband and wife will open in Maryport, and is focused on 'bridging the gap between pharmaceuticals'.

Gemma Hornsby-Lofthouse, 41 and David Lofthouse, 48 who are from Dearham will open Essence Wellness in Maryport on July 13.

After having her own health difficulties with menopause symptoms, Gemma, who is a registered nurse, explored other health alternates other than the pharmaceutical options within the NHS. Gemma wanted to help others find their way with alternate options.

She said: "I 100 per cent believe that this is the way forward. I wanted to encompass the traditional medicine with alternate therapy. I just want there to be other ways that don’t have side effects."

The clinic is installing a floatation therapy tank which holds 500 litres of water, and Epsom salts to make it a weightless, sensory deprivation tank.

Gemma said: "It is good from a physical being point of view, as it helps with recovery and promote sleep. From an emotional and mental, point of view, it helps to calm the nervous system and really helps to clear your mind."

The development of the Maryport store with added interiors The development of the Maryport store with added interiors (Image: Supplied)

There will also be a red light therapy bed, which uses red light to penetrate through the skin, muscle, tissue and blood vessels. This reduces inflammation, wound healing, and helps muscle recovery. Gemma said: "Lots of athletes use them like the NFL teams as part of their recovery post training."

The clinic will also have a physiotherapist and holistic therapist.

Gemma spoke about the process of setting up her business, she said: "It has been a rollercoaster, I also own an aesthetic business that I ran alongside my NHS role. I rebranded two years ago, and although the idea for the clinic wasn’t what it was now, I rebranded with Essence Wellness.

"I had this idea two years ago but it came about in December so it has been quick from taking the plunge in December to getting where we are now."

The red light therapy bedsThe red light therapy beds (Image: Supplied)

"When I realised how big this project was and I had to leave my NHS job, I cried. I didn’t leave because I didn’t like it, I loved it so it's been really emotional."

Essence Wellness will open on July 13 in Maryport.