A BUSINESS has sponsored a popular youth zone by installing new graphics in its upcoming 'MeZone'.

Innovia Films, who are major producer of 'highly differentiated specialty Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films' and based in Wigton, sponsored Carlisle Youth Zone by installing new graphics in its MeZone.

After the new graphics were installed, Emma Rogerson, development manager at Carlisle Youth Zone, put on record her sincere thanks to Innovia Films. 

She said: "We would like to extend our thanks to a local business and Patron of the Carlisle Youth Zone, Innovia Films for completing the graphics installation, such support plays a crucial role in creating an environment where young people feel safe and valued."

Emma also explained in more detail how the transformation of the MeZone will benefit Carlisle Youth Zone's members.

She said: "The MeZone will provide a quiet space in our busy clubs to allow young people to complete 'MeApps' which are tools we use to measure member's progress across multiple areas in the provisions they take part in at CYZ.

"It will also be a space for our mentoring programme which supports a wide range of local young people with their well-being - this new space will be used by mentors and mentees through their sessions.

"Having this space designated for those things means that we will be able to facilitate more conversations, learn more about how our programmes are working to enhance young people's wellbeing, and most importantly, provide children with a unique and relaxing environment to do these things in.

"Both members and the staff team are excited about the MeZone's opening and the young people can't wait for it to be completed to see what it's about."

In addition, Steve Maude, surface engineering manager at Innovia Films was on hand to discuss the installation and the pride that the local business takes in supporting Carlisle Youth Zone.

He said: "It is great to work with CYZ again to create their vision and provide a space for all members to enjoy.

"I was extremely pleased with the result and how well the material applied.

"This was our biggest application project to date and a brilliant opportunity to see how our material performs in terms of printing and ease of application."