A popular film club made a triumphant return to Cumbria this week, having been dormant since the pandemic. 

Alston Moor Film was formed in 1999 and has been run entirely by volunteers in the 25 years since, showing a mixture of blockbusters and independent films at the Alston Town Hall. 

Sadly, the film club was forced to stop during the Coronavirus pandemic and has remained dormant in the four years since the first lockdown in March 2020. 

However, an email was sent out to members to gauge interest about a potential return and the response was incredible. 

Claire, who has been a member of the committee for six years now, said: "Before Covid struck and everyone only had the option of watching films at home, Alston Moor Film had built up quite a healthy audience and ones which varied depending on the film that was being shown."

While streaming services became the new norm when everyone was forced to watch from home, Claire is hoping to encourage others to rediscover the shared experience of watching a film in a group. 

She said: "Just making the point of leaving the house and going somewhere else, makes watching a film, more than just watching a film. The evening is more of an 'experience'. The hall is arranged in 'cabaret style', rather than the rows of seats that the multiplexes offer. The tables are dressed for the occasion with tablecloths, lights and popcorn or crisps to enjoy with a drink from the licenced bar.

"It's a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the committee are very glad to be back. After such a long time, we didn't know if there was still a demand for the screenings."

On Wednesday, they watched the moving and much acclaimed film 'One Life', starring Anthony Hopkins, Johnny Flynn and Helena Bonham Carter, which tells the story of the heroic Nicholas Winton who saved hundreds of Jewish children before the Second World War.

The group is planning to meet once a month, with 'Apollo 11' scheduled for Wednesday July 17.

Films starts at 7.30pm and tickets cost £7.50 on the door.