A snap of Carlisle's Boardroom pub, taken by photographer Ben Fox, has scooped the top prize in an architectural photography competition launched by city solicitors Wragg Mark-Bell.

This contest, titled Beautiful Bricks, invited residents to encapsulate the spirit of Carlisle through the lens of the city's architecture.

Carlisle-born Mr Fox, who recently discovered a passion for street photography after a career in video, captured the Boardroom pub's character on his mobile phone.

He said: "Taking part in something like this fires you up and you start seeing things in a different light.

"I loved the asymmetry of the Boardroom, the imperfections of it make it perfect.

"The wonky pole and sign cropped into each other. The woman stepped out at that moment and the shot fell into the place.”

Not having his camera on him at the time, Mr Fox took out his mobile phone.

The winning photo by Ben FoxThe winning photo by Ben Fox (Image: Jonathan Becker Photography)

He said: "I’ve only got into photography recently, now I’m always out snapping, capturing the world and meeting new people through street photography.

"The best camera you’ve got is just the one you’ve got with you.”

The Beautiful Bricks competition ignited a flurry of creativity, spawning entries that spotlighted everything from the city’s cathedral to hidden alleyways, industrial buildings, a colossal mural and the bricks of the Roman bathhouse.

Mr Fox's winning photo gave him the £150 first place prize.

Judge David Hollins said: "It’s so difficult to capture humour in a photo, but Ben’s photo has caught a really whimsical side of pub life.

"The way the lamppost is leaning and the sign looks like it’s been drinking captures the pub atmosphere perfectly.

"It’s a clever, joyful image that makes you smile and the judges votes were unanimous."

Second place was taken by Lucy Peart with an inventive snap of shadows on Carlisle train station’s wall, whilst Joshua Taylor, an 18-year-old student, cinched the third spot with a photograph of the castle gatehouse.

Lucy Peart says she had been inspired by her daughter’s GCSE photography to take an online course herself.

Since entering the competition, a Carlisle train station employee has now expressed interest in displaying her work at the station.

Laura Urquhart, conveyancing director at Wragg Mark-Bell, said: "The aim of our competition was to capture the spirit of Carlisle through its architecture, and it has certainly done that.

"We are delighted by the creativity and talent of the photographers who entered."

The exhibition can be seen at Intro PR, 7 Paternoster Row, Carlisle, until Saturday, June 22, from 11am to 3pm.