THE organisers of Wild on the Wall have given an update about the festival. 

The Cumbrian music event takes place just outside of Brampton every year between July 26 and 28. 

Local bands like Hardwicke Circus will be performing and there will be other attractions like traders’ stalls and workshops. 

Wild on the Wall is a family music festival with entertainment provided for children and young people. 

Poppy Rowan, one of the organisers, said: "We're feeling more excited than ever to be putting this incredible community-based festival on for the fifth year in a row. 

"It truly is our biggest year to date for the festival and we couldn't be happier with the lineup, with the alternative forms of entertainment that we're going to be offering, the different traders and artists that are going to be coming, and the food vans that are coming as well. 

"It truly is a celebration of life and a celebration of the incredible talents that Cumbria has to offer, not just when it comes to live music but when it comes to theatre, poetry, food, art, and all those incredible forms of creativity.

"We're so excited to showcase that to the people of our county and hopefully further afield. 

"We have our best lineup to date with over 40 live music acts. Our headliners include Funky and the Two-Tone Baby, The Shambolics an indie rock band from Scotland, and Jeremiah Ferrari of Manchester who are a reggae pop band."

Another attraction this year is a mobile media studio that delivers 'quality productions' and 'helps people fulfil their dreams. 

The team behind this has experience in filmmaking, music production, animation, and game design. 

In the Circus Tent, there will be alternative forms of entertainment like musical theatre, poetry, and an open mic set up for musicians. 

Other activities include tarot card readings and meditation sessions. A company called The Emporium will be in attendance delivering workshops for people of all ages, including basket weaving, wand making, and digging for treasure.