CUMBRIA Police have launched a new campaign to tackle domestic abuse in the county ahead of Euro 2024.

The campaign, which was launched on Wednesday, June 15, will see Cumbria Police take extra measures to tackle offenders and protect potential victims of domestic abuse ahead of, and during, this summer's UEFA Euro 2024 tournament.

The new initiative also coincides with the release of new Cumbria Police figures which show that the force's efforts to tackle domestic abuse are seeing success.

In the last two calendar months from April 1 to May 31, 2024, 1,038 crimes were reported that had a domestic abuse element, with these crimes including assault and harassment.

He said: "First of all it is important to say that whilst this is a campaign, domestic abuse is something that is top of our priority list every day of the year.

"The reason we are pushing around this area a bit more at this moment is because we have got the Euros coming up.

"Football is not the cause of domestic abuse... no sport is the cause of domestic abuse. The cause of it is domestic abuse perpetrators.

"However, we are aware that there is an increase in domestic abuse around any major sporting event, predominately linked to high emotions, higher alcohol intake, etc.

"What we are doing is getting ahead of the game to get ahead of domestic abuse by putting on extra resources and just making sure that people feel safer.

"Ultimately out of all of this, I want people to go out and enjoy the Euros, have a drink, have a good time, but ultimately feel safe while doing so."

As part of the new campaign, Cumbria Police will be implementing a number of extra measures to combat domestic abuse, including additional visible patrols in the main nightlife areas of the county.

In addition, the force will deploy specialist officers who are trained to spot offenders who may be targeting people coming out of pubs and clubs, and ensuring that resources are available at peak times such as full-time when people will be exiting venues.

Cumbria is also home to a number of charities and organisations that provide support services to victims of domestic abuse.

Included in this is Cumberland Council, which offers services such as providing domestic abuse victims with access to safe accommodation.

After the launching of Cumbria Police's new campaign, the council echoed its message.

A Cumberland Council spokesperson said: "Events such as the European Cup games can see an increase in incidents of domestic abuse.

"We will be sharing Cumbria Police’s domestic abuse campaign messages throughout this period of increased risk.

"Through our Domestic Abuse Supported Accommodation Service, we provide services for victims of domestic abuse, including access to safe accommodation.

"In an emergency always call 999."