Access to the Cumberland Infirmary will change from Wednesday 12 June as work continues on the new endoscopy unit. 

The bus stop at the main entrance will be moved to the opposite side of the road and boarding will be put up in front of the cancer centre as work gets underway. The bus shelter will be set-up later this week.

This means there will be changes to road layout, pedestrian access from car parks, and access to nuclear medicine. 

Roundabout one, just before the roundabout at the entrance to the infirmary, will be bus access only with cars no longer able to use this. 

Drivers at the drop off area at the main entrance will now need to drive towards the bottom of roundabout two to turn back up the site.

The whole pavement around the new endoscopy building will be blocked off from the current car park entrance to the cancer centre drop off area.

Access to the quiet garden and the access to the bottom entrance to the link corridor will also be blocked.

Patients for the nuclear medicine services can use the doors closer to the car park in the link corridor. Cancer centre patients will also be directed towards this entrance to access the centre from the lower ground floor.

Access to A&E remains unaffected.