Rockcliffe residents have been out protesting a controversial gas plant proposal amid the UK's Great Big Green Week. 

The planned gasification plant, proposed by North West Recycling, would produce syngas from waste, which could be used for electricity generation or refinement into other chemicals and fuel.

The company argues the plant could cut waste transport, but environmentalists and Rockcliffe Parish Council have expressed concerns over transparency in the application process and environmental outcomes.

Villagers voiced their opposition at NWR's gates on June 8, concurring with the UK's Great Big Green Week, an event organised by The Climate Coalition to push community action against climate change.

Previously, Sally Tears, a spokesperson for the Rockcliffe and District Action Group, said: "Until we get answers to our numerous questions we have to keep our protest going.

"A council and planning team seeking to protect human health would require a Health Impact Assessment, especially when that was requested by the Director of Public Health.

"Why have we seen no evidence that the planning team has required such an assessment?

"A council serious about consulting the public would not withhold information about pelleting plants from the public," she said. 

Before this, residents displayed their opposition outside Carlisle Civic Centre and over 100 people turned out in the village to show support for the group's campaign earlier in the year. 

Cumberland Council is unable to comment on the situation as the application is currently under review.