WE'RE highlighting the shortlisted chippies in our competition in the News & Star. Each of the establishments will be featured over the following issues.

Sandgate Chippie has been nominated by News & Star readers as one of the ten finalists in its 'Best Chippy 2024' award.

The chippy, which is located on Penrith's Burrowgate, is owned by Dan Harding, with Dan also acting as a director at the town's Foundry 34 restaurant.

After being informed that Sandgate has been nominated as a finalist in the News & Star's 'Best Chippy 2024' award, Dan was on hand to express his delight. 

He said: "It is always nice to be recognised for all your hard work.

"They can be long and hard days at times but it is nice when an award comes our way and I know we have won quite a few over the last 16 years so it is good.

"I also want to congratulate the staff at Sandgate for all their hard work and dedication."

For Dan, it is the quality of Sandgate's food that he believes has made the chippy a firm local favourite, however, he also cited the rich chippy traditions in Penrith which are still being upheld at his shop.

"We have never compromised on our quality, I think that is the main thing."

Dan also discussed the community which has been built around Angle Lane Chippie, saying that the atmosphere is like no other.

He said: "Chippys are different from any other type of takeaway.

"If you are ordering Chinese or Indian then you just ring up and pick it up but with us, you standing in the queue and have a bit craic with whoever is on the fryer or in the queue."