A CARLISLE tattoo artist is set to self-publish her debut fantasy novel. 

Indie De La Serna, who has worked as a tattoo artist out of the Fisher Street Galleries for nearly eight years, will publish her debut novel 'Sardan: Volume One' on Thursday, June 6. 

Indie is originally from London but moved to Carlisle in 2014 when she enrolled at Cumbria University to study wildlife media.

However, during her time in Carlisle, she developed an attachment to the area and discovered her love for all things tattoo and fiction.

News and Star: Ahead of her debut novel's publication, Indie was on hand to give a spoiler-free introduction to her story. 

She said: "I always had issues with asthma growing up in London and I was attached to my asthma pump for the majority of my younger years.

"I lived there until I was 21 before I moved to Carlisle for university and it was like I didn't have asthma any more. I started thinking about air pollution and about being more eco-conscious and I wanted to bring that into my book.

"I am also really inspired by my friends so each of my characters share their different traits.

"I really wanted to mix my passion for bringing awareness to things like climate change and air pollution with the help I have gotten from my friends."

News and Star: Indie's love of fantasy and wildlife is also evident in the tattoos she creates.Indie's love of fantasy and wildlife is also evident in the tattoos she creates. (Image: Supplied)Indie was also keen to explain why she has decided to self-publish her debut novel and how this fits in with her personality and the wider message of the story - which is that anyone can do anything if they take a chance and persevere.

She said: "The reason I decided to self-publish is I felt that resonated so much more with who I am as a person, as a southerner who moved 300 miles north to study wildlife media, fell in love with the north so decided to stay, began a tattoo apprenticeship in the third year then realised fiction writing is my one true love.

"I’ve lived my life anything but traditionally.

"I also felt being self-sufficient resonated with the message of the story."