ONE of Cumbria's BEEP Doctors is gearing up to pedal off on a charity cycle ride from Cumbria to Croatia. 

Dr Chris Moss' trip, which he will set off on tomorrow (May 27), is expected to take around 16 days. 

It is aimed at raising funds and awareness for the life-saving organisation he serves as a responder and trustee.

“I did Kendal to Barcelona last year, and that was hard work,” he said.

"I do quite a lot of cycling. I love long-distance cycling especially when it is not on English roads.

"I thought how far west can I go before you start to get into problematic countries." 

His journey is penciled to start from a ferry at Newcastle into Holland, through to Germany, and then winding down into Italy. 

"There is nothing better than getting on your bike, feeling the wind rushing through your hair and releasing a big burst of endorphins to make you feel good," Dr Moss said. 

"The route will be planned each day, we’ll see where the weather and route take us.

"Hopefully, it will inspire people that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

“But I’m looking forward to Germany, during Covid I became German after my family left during the Second World War, and I’m really excited to be going through there," he said.

Raising funds for the life-saving charity made up of volunteers who help provide enhanced pre-hospital emergency medical care to people across the county, the cycle also coincides with the organisation's Pedal for Life campaign.

"We’re trying to get as many people on bikes for the Beeps 30th but also just getting people fit and active as it’s the best form of preventative medicine.

“Every penny goes straight to the charity. It’s a nice way to highlight what the Beep doctors do and get people inspired to get on the bike,” he said.

To donate to the fundraiser, you can visit