POLICE, fire and crime commissioner, David Allen, attended a town centre residents meeting at Solway Hall, Whitehaven

The meeting occurred on Thursday, May 23, and was to discuss anti-social behaviour (ASB), drug-related crime and other crime concerns in the town centre.

At the meeting, the commissioner, chief constable Rob Carden, representatives from the local Neighbourhood Policing Team, James Varah from Home Group and councillor Emma Williamson, listened to the concerns of residents in respect of crime and anti-social behaviour.

The panel provided reassurance that Cumbria Constabulary and Cumberland Council are working together and have plans in place to tackle crime and ASB within the town and surrounding areas.

This includes new funding to tackle ASB in identified hotspot areas as well as Public Space Protection Orders that are due to come into effect soon.

Commissioner David Allen said: “During my election campaign, I met with residents in Whitehaven and they raised their concerns around ASB, drugs and drug-related crime as well as other concerns in the town centre area.

"The meeting is a follow-up to these conversations following my election into the role of Commissioner.

“Part of my role is to be the voice of the public for policing issues, which is why it was important that I attend this local residents meeting to hear more about the local concerns and to start to deliver on my promise to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the town.

“I would like to thank the public for coming along and raising these issues as they know their community best, and their reports help the police and others ensure that the correct resources are being placed to target these concerns.

"Tackling this sort of behaviour is not just a policing matter, which is why I was pleased to see Cumberland Council and Home Group present, as well as residents. Only by working together can we tackle it effectively.

“The chief constable attended this meeting as well so we will look at all of the points raised and ensure that they are acted upon wherever possible, working with partners to ensure a safer Cumbria.”