A MAJOR Irish post-punk band has once again showcased a West Cumbrian seaside town, following the filming of their most recent music video in the area.

The award-winning group Fontaines DC were first spotted filming in Maryport back in March, leaving fans wondering just how much of the town would be featured in their newest video. 

In April, the band unveiled their music video for new song, Starbuster which follows the group around the town and coastline, capturing scenes from inside residents' homes as well as a chippy tea outside Grasslot Fish & Chip Shop. 

The single is a release from their upcoming album Romance which is due to be released on August 23.

The band released an image on social media on Thursday, May 23 of frontman Grian Chatten sitting outside of Grasslot chippy in a pair of angel wings, racking up over 30,000 views on X since it was first posted.



Owner of the chippy, Eileen Greenhow said: "The actual filming in the chippy, which was only a couple of seconds inside, that was actually my sister Andrea behind the counter, so I was just in the back.

"They were only here about two and a half hours that afternoon, then I had to come back down at night just for a darker shot. They were lovely, really lovely."

Eileen said there was at least 30 people including vans and buses outside of the chip shop on the day of filming.

She said: "I must admit it was fine and they were really nice. They (customers) were really shocked at the time, a lot of people have mentioned it since."

And it wasn't just Grasslot Chippy that got a special mention. Local roofing firm Redman Morley Roofing Services also managed to pick up a spot of free advertising when the picture was posted on social media.

Part owner of the company, Joseph Redman said: "I just noticed it last night to be honest. Someone sent me it on messenger... our employee parks his van down there by the chip shop.

"I suppose it's a bit of free advertising, we have no complaints, put it that way. 

"It's nice, I did get a phone call to ask if we could move the van while they were videoing down by the chip shop, and I asked our employee to go down and move the van so it didn't feature in the video. Obviously I had a look, so I was a bit surprised to see it on the Facebook page!"