A guesthouse owner has set out a vision for a community resource that works in harmony with nature and promotes wellbeing.

Suruchi Kansagra runs Lane Head Farm near Keswick, offering vegetarian and vegan breakfasts and dog friendly accommodation. The venue prides itself on being the only B&B in the Lake District that serves masala chai and hot parathas with pickles.

Now Suruchi has announced plans to further develop it by enhancing the natural environment and providing space for creatives. A spokesperson said: “Suruchi's journey began with a simple yet profound desire to create a haven that melds seamlessly with nature. Lane Head Farm, with its picturesque views and serene ambiance, offers guests more than just a place to stay; it provides a retreat where one can reconnect with the natural world. Embracing an eco-friendly ethos, Suruchi has embarked on an ambitious tree planting initiative, aiming to not only beautify the surroundings but also to contribute positively to the local ecosystem.

Understanding the importance of culture and artistry in enriching lives, Suruchi envisions transforming the farm's barns into vibrant artistic spaces. These areas are designed to be sanctuaries for local craftspeople, offering them a platform to showcase their talents. From stone crafting, echoing the heritage of Coniston Stonecraft with its exquisite slate house signs, to pottery and weaving, each artisan will have a space to display their work, conduct workshops, and engage with the community and visitors alike.”

The development is rooted in a desire for collaboration and community engagement, with Suruchi keen to partner with local groups, including schools, environmental organisations, and art collectives, to host events and activities. Visiting groups are invited to run retreats, workshops, and team-building exercises to promote creativity, learning, and personal growth.

The spokesperson said: “Suruchi's vision for Lane Head Farm extends beyond its physical transformation; it is about creating a sustainable, community-focused entity that thrives on mutual respect, creativity, and environmental responsibility. By integrating the traditional with the innovative, Lane Head Farm is set to become a beacon of hope, where the preservation of nature, the celebration of art, and the nurturing of community spirit coalesce into a singular, enriching experience.”