AN exciting dinosaur show aimed at all ages and families is coming to Cumbria.

Dinosaur Adventure Live will put on a show at Workington’s Carnegie Theatre on August 4 this year, bringing detailed dinosaur models, controlled by professional actors, and an interactive element to 'entertain as well as educate'.

Mike Newman, who owns the company and produces the shows with Matt Brinkler, spoke to the Times & Star about it all.

He said the idea came about post-Covid, what was happening t theatre, and how parents were eager to get their kids out to see shows and ‘make up for lost time’.

It’s also aimed at parents and children who are looking for something new in children’s entertainment, as Mr Newman explained: “I felt that children’s shows were going to be the way forward, but not just little kids’ shows.

“I thought, as a parent who has seen no end of character shows, there’s got to be an alternative, something the whole family can enjoy.

“Up till then the only kind of dinosaur show was the one done by the BBC, a huge arena tour, but for me that wasn’t particularly accessible for different regions of the UK (with smaller theatres).”

Mr Newman said he aimed to make the dinosaurs look realistic, with accurate colours used, and for them to be controlled by actors to bring them to life.

News and Star: Promo pic from a previous showPromo pic from a previous show (Image: Dinosaur Adventure Live)

While no one’s under any illusion that they’re real, they can be life-like and exciting enough for even the most brave parent, a Mr Newman explained: “One of my favourite parts is right at the start, when we reveal the T-Rex.

“The idea there is maybe the more sceptical audience members are going ‘What is this?’, and then the curtain opens, and this massive T-Rex goes straight forward to a dad at the front row.

“He’s able to bring that head and big jaws right onto the lap of a dad sitting at the front row, and as he’s getting closer, the hand comes across the front of the lap (to protect).

“It happens every time, no matter how brave they are, and of course every kid loves it.”

Both Mr Newman and Mr Brinkler run show companies themselves; one show Mr Newman ran was Exciting Science.

He said on how there’s an educational element to the dino show, that ranger characters guide children on a treasure hunt where dinosaurs are met along the way.

An AI character called PIP (prehistoric intelligence programme) acts as a voice-activated device on one of the rangers’ arms, and then a professor character in the show can give facts to the kids.

He said having kids being able to connect with fun characters makes the information stick, but it’s still predominantly an entertainment event.

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