A group of paranormal investigators have communicated with a family of spirits who were attempting to 'flood' a Workington pub. 

The investigation of Workington's The Brewery House was conducted by Paranormal Investigations Cumbria who are fronted by Denton Holme native Sarah Simmons.

After receiving reports of ghostly activity from the pub's Landlord, Sarah and her team were deployed and by using specialised equipment such as an automatic writing planchette and dowsing rods were able to communicate with a family of spirits who lived in the 1940s. 

Reflecting on this investigation, Sarah recalled the satisfaction of being able to communicate with the family and subsequently confirm their identities with their still living descendants.

She said: "I loved the investigation at the Brewery House because we have investigated it a couple of times before as it is known for paranormal activity.

"The landlord got in touch to say that someone was turning all on the taps and he couldn't explain it even after he had had plumbers out and he said it was like the spirits were trying to flood the pub.

"We went and did the investigation and we were so surprised that we got a family of spirits who did not want people living in the pub.

"We actually got it confirmed by the family of the spirits, who are still alive, who we were talking to which was crazy and since the investigation the landlord has not has any more flooding. 

Sarah also discussed some of the events which are set to make up a spooky Summer for Paranormal Investigations Cumbria which will be kicked of at the end of May by a trip to Liverpool's Adelphi Hotel.

It is at this hotel in 1912 where many people stayed overnight before boarding the Titanic ahead of its fateful maiden voyage.

"We are actually at the Adelphi Hotel at the end of May," Sarah said.

"We are looking forward to it as this was many people who were on the Titanic stayed overnight.

"It's just got that vibe. We went there last week and I got really ill and if you look at the history there is a lot of people who get the same thing so we have to go back.

"We are super excited to finally do our investigation there."