IF you're in the UK, chances are you're not too far away from the nearest Wetherspoon's. 

Whilst some of us might have mixed feelings about the iconic British pub chain, nobody could argue that they are a go-to choice for pub-goers across the nation. 

Although Wetherspoon's pubs famously don't have any musical or sporting entertainment, they are still incredibly popular, which is likely due to their cheap booze and food prices. 

If you're in Cumberland and are trying to decide which Wetherspoon's pub to visit, then we've got you covered. 

Here's our list of the best to worst-rated 'Spoons according to Google reviews. 

Woodrow Wilson - Carlisle 

News and Star: The Woodrow Wilson, CarlisleThe Woodrow Wilson, Carlisle (Image: Google Maps)

This Botchergate boozer sits in the heart of the city's nightlife zone and came top of the list with a score of 4.2 on Google. 

The William Rufus - Carlisle

News and Star: The William Rufus The William Rufus (Image: Google Maps)

The neighbouring pub of The William Rufus was not far behind with a respectable Google ranking of 4.1. 

The Bransty Arch - Whitehaven

News and Star: The Bransty Arch, WhitehavenThe Bransty Arch, Whitehaven (Image: Google Maps)

The Wetherspoon's branch in Whitehaven has been a focal point of the town's drinking scene for around two decades. 

Surrounded by a variety of clubs and bars it's no wonder it's so popular with punters.

This is probably why it came third on our list with a Google rating of 4. 

The Henry Bessemer- Workington 

News and Star: The Henry Bessemer, Workington The Henry Bessemer, Workington (Image: Google Maps)

Just like Whitehaven's 'Spoons, this Workington branch is incredibly popular with pub-goers in West Cumbria.

If you're going for a night out in Workington, chances are you'll pay a visit to this much loved pub. 

It came in with a rating of 3.9 on Google. 

The Chief Justice of the Common Pleas - Keswick

News and Star: The Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, KeswickThe Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, Keswick (Image: Google Maps)

In joint fourth place is this more recent addition to Cumberland's pub scene in Keswick. 

Interestingly, this Wetherspoon's used to be a police station and tables are now built into the old cells and courtroom area. 

The Dog Beck - Penrith 

News and Star: The Dog Beck, Penrith The Dog Beck, Penrith (Image: Google Maps)

With a score of 3.8, it was The Dog Beck in Penrith that came in fifth and final place according to Google reviews.