A new tattoo studio has officially opened its doors on Grey Street in Carlisle, hoping to become more than just another tattoo studio.

With a motto of "there is a place for everyone", The Cult Tattoos aims to be a welcoming space for all, whether you're getting your first tattoo or adding to your collection.

The studio, with a gothic and 'cultish' aesthetic, opened on Monday (May, 20).  

It is being run by studio manager Natalie Bell and head artist Callum Powe (renowned for his dark and cultish horror designs).  

“Callum was my tattooist for a few years," Natalie said. 

News and Star: Interior shot with the team at The Cult Tattoos StudioInterior shot with the team at The Cult Tattoos Studio (Image: Raymond Begg Photography)

"We talked at length about some of the projects I’ve undertaken and his dream to have his own studio.

"We decided to combine our efforts and invest in a studio of our own.

“When Callum and I were talking about what we wanted to achieve with the studio, we didn’t want just to be another tattoo studio in the city. 

"We wanted to become a friendly place which people feel at home and want to get to know the artists.

“We felt the ‘Cult’ name along with the phrase ‘there’s a place with everyone’, it just worked," she said. 

The studio offers both bespoke and custom designs, with availability for walk-ins.

The team includes tattoo artist Jess Graham, who specialises in fine-line blackwork and neo-traditional styles, and apprentice Nina Birschel, who is exploring dark-ornamental gothic designs.

“The artists are keeping back slots for those who want to just walk in.

News and Star: Head artist Callum Powe (renowned for his dark and cultish horror designs) at workHead artist Callum Powe (renowned for his dark and cultish horror designs) at work (Image: Raymond Begg Photography)

"With the location being in the town centre and near the university, it’s ideal for people who just want to walk in and say hello.

“We’re only on day two, Nina has had four or five walk-ins already. We’re hoping to keep that up moving forward," Natalie said. 

In addition to tattoos, the studio offers nail art by Nina, who is well-known in the nail art community as 'Ninailz.' 

Reflecting on the studio's opening, Natalie said: "For myself, I’m excited to tears.

"It’s been a good five months of hard work and to get to the point we’re open is just fantastic.

"The artists all feel at home in the studio which is exactly what we were going for, we’re all really excited for what’s to come in the next few months," she said. 

The team at The Cult Tattoos welcomes everyone to drop by and see for themselves as they look to leave their mark on the city centre. 

You can follow The Cult Tattoos on Facebook and on Instagram via thecult.tattoos