THE metal band Salt Pale Collective is set to release its newest single which has been inspired by Carlisle

The group, which has been described as a 'post-doom metal or experimental metal' band will release their new single, 'Northern Darkness' on Friday, June 21.

The band, which was formed in 2021 is comprised of Cumbrians Alex Adamson and Dave Maclachlan and Yorkshire native Dan Hodges and brings 'crushing guitars, forlorn vocals, and synthesiser madness from the grim and frostbitten North' with the stylings of Blood Incantation, Amen-Ra and Neurosis.

The release of their latest also comes almost a year on from the release of their debut album 'The Salt Collective EP'. 

Speaking ahead of the release of 'Northern Darkness', Alex explained how it links to Carlisle.

He said: "Northern Darkness to me was always going to be a "local" based idea. I mashed together some themes of our city Carlisle.

"Including the Border Reivers, a cursing stone on all the Border Reiver families, and the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001, which absolutely destroyed the region's agriculture and livestock.

"But it's very North of England in feel. Slow-paced, atmospheric, and all engulfing."

Salt Pale Collective's new single will also form part of a split single with fellow metal band ...Has No Tongue's latest release, 'Born in a Coffin'.