A competitive eater and YouTuber has completed a tour of England, completing 18 challenges in 10 days.

Bob Shoudt, 57, better known as Notorious B.O.B, completed two challenges at Hare on the Green in Brampton.

A professional competitive eater from Pennsylvania, USA, who holds numerous records, and with over 180,000 subscribers, he said he ‘decided to see the eating scene in England up close’ and ended up driving 1,350 miles across the country.

“My teammate and I set the record for their team pizza challenge.

“The old record was 10 minutes and 15 seconds, and we finished in four minutes and eight seconds.

“Then right after I set a new record for their burger challenge.”

With the focus on speed, it’s hard to imagine he has the time to enjoy the flavours, but Bob said: “I found the food to be delicious and very enjoyable. 

“The staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming.”

To watch him do the challenge, visit his YouTube channel by clicking here.