The headteacher of Shankhill Church of England primary school has said she is ‘delighted and extremely proud’ after the results of an ungraded OFSTED inspection.

OFSTED inspections of good and outstanding schools are typically called ungraded inspection and whilst they don’t change the grading of schools, they can indicate areas of improvement or concern.

The report said that “there has been no change to this school’s overall judgement of good as a result of this ungraded inspection.

“However, the evidence gathered suggests that the inspection grade might be outstanding if a graded inspection were carried out now. The school’s next inspection will be a graded inspection.”

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“This is the best possible outcome that could have been achieved,” said headteacher, Lynnsey Batey.

“As a team of staff and governors, we feel privileged to teach and share learning time with our incredible Shankhill pupils.

“We are deeply proud to work and serve within this wonderful Shankhill and Stapleton Parish.

“There is such potential, ambition and success that is flourishing throughout Shankhill in the challenges and support of our curriculum provision, character development and expert teaching within school.”