A CARLISLE-based artist is set to host a solo exhibition spanning pieces from a 30-year career. 

Daniel Ibbotson, who is just off the back of bringing 30 Cumbrian artists to the highly esteemed Venice Biennale art festival, will be using the exhibition to help fund his studio and spur further momentum in Carlisle's art scene. 

The event at INTRO's 7 Paternoster Row will run for three days from Friday evening (May, 17) from 6pm - 9pm. 

“It’s open to everybody and everyone is welcome. We’ll be doing a bit of food and drink, it'll be a bit of a party," Daniel said. 

News and Star: Daniel's As Autumn leaves artworkDaniel's As Autumn leaves artwork (Image: DIbbotson)

“It’s the start of hopefully a succession of other artists doing a similar thing in the city.

"As I’ve said to other artists, use this as a template for what you can do yourself."

The seasoned artist, fresh from Venice's 'Olympics of art', said: “There will be hopefully more exhibitions like this by individual artists over the summer.

“It creates a scene and a momentum of exhibitions, we need something like this in Carlisle," he said. 

News and Star: Daniel's RialtoDaniel's Rialto (Image: DIbbotson)

Daniel, who also works as a decorator, spearheads the Proseed collective, which was established during the COVID pandemic to support local artists in the area. 

The trip to Venice marked a huge step forward for putting Cumbria's art scene on an international stage. 

Furthermore, Daniel has plans to bring another exhibition to Edinburgh in June and is actively inviting more artists to join the collective's effort.

This upcoming solo art exhibition will run on Saturday and Sunday, as well as Friday night, from 10am to 4pm. 

Daniel's work, marking an illustrious career, will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition. 

You can find out more about the Proseed Collective on Facebook.