A FORMER town councillor has been left appalled following 'horrific' incidents of fly-tipping in the Penrith area over the last week.

Former Penrith town councillor Jonathan Davies has called for more to be done to prosecute and catch fly-tippers after he believed one incident 'could have caused a nasty accident' when rubbish was found dumped on Mile Lane near Penrith last Saturday, May 4.

He said: "I honestly wonder if those responsible for fly-tipping have a brain cell among them and any thought for the local community.

"The dumping of the rubbish on the road not only impacts the local community through the act of the rubbish they dumped, but also created a risk to life had a vehicle come along when it was dark and run into it all... it could have caused a nasty accident.

"The actions of those responsible also are costing us all, as the council have to come out and clear it all away. This has a direct cost that ultimately, we all pay via our council tax that councils will be forced to increase to cover the growing costs of clearing up fly-tipping."

News and Star: The fly-tipping at Mile Lane near Penrith over the bank holiday weekend.The fly-tipping at Mile Lane near Penrith over the bank holiday weekend. (Image: Supplied)

Mr Davies praised the council team for their fast work in clearing the road to make it passable for drivers again.

He added: "The team that cleared the rubbish dumped on Saturday did a great job despite not been the team responsible - as it was the weekend, the high east team responded and - despite some of the horrific bodily fluids and solids they came across in the pile - got the mess cleared and the road made safe once again."

The community activist was once again left shocked to find more rubbish dumped at the recycling centre near Penrith Morrisons on Wednesday, May 8 and encouraged the council to implement CCTV at the centre to try and stop these acts.

"To then find more waste dumped yet again in the town today, with a large amount once again at a recycling centre really is the last straw," he added.

"The council needs to act before this gets any worse. CCTV in recycling centres is an easy-to-implement solution. Unfortunately our rural roads and other areas of the community less so, but solutions must be found to bring those responsible to account for these acts against the whole community."

A spokesperson for Westmorland and Furness Council said: “Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and is never a victimless crime.

"It damages wildlife, nature and the environment, creates eyesores and there is always a financial cost in the clearance, disposal and investigation of the offence, costs that are ultimately borne by the council tax payers of Westmorland and Furness.

“We investigate every case of fly-tipping reported and, if appropriate, action will be taken.

"This can range from fixed penalty notices and warning letters being issued to prosecutions, potentially significant fines and even custodial sentences for the most serious offences.

“Residents can dispose of unwanted large items or non-recyclables by taking them to our Household Waste Recycling Centre or by contacting us to arrange a special collection – to find out more, visit our website.”