MARKING a first for Cumbria Police, the road policing unit has adopted two Tesla vehicles within their patrols. 

The testing period, fully funded, runs until July.

The Model Y and a Model 3 are being tested at Cumbria Police's Roads Policing bases at Carlisle and in Kendal. 

So far, the unit has covered over 2,000 miles with the vehicles, with the electric cars being used on both rural and urban roads. 

Inspector Jack Stabler of Cumbria Police’s Roads Policing Unit said "So far, the feedback has been positive". 

"Cumbria Roads Policing Unit is using these vehicles for general patrol activity on both rural and urban road networks," he said. 

We are trialling a Model Y and a Model 3.

"Both of these vehicles provide different battery capabilities which we are managing through the strategic deployment of electric vehicles.

"There are numerous stations in Cumbria (including Carlisle, Kendal and our headquarters) that have electric charging capabilities however we are utilising Tesla-funded fast charging locations, specifically at Tebay.

"To date, we have covered 2,406 miles in total on both vehicles. So far, the feedback is positive however the challenges around charging should hopefully develop and the situation improve in the future.

"Electric vehicles are not a new concept in Cumbria as we have a fleet of BMW i3s however this is the first time we have trialled them in a Roads Policing capacity," he said.