POTHOLES cause huge problems for drivers on the road, whether that be burst tyres or swerving to avoid damage to your car.

The massive bumps and dent in the road can cause severe damage to car tyres, the suspension, as well as pedestrians if they trip on them. 

This is no different in Carlisle and the rest of north Cumbria - which has its fair share of potholes. 

On Fix My Street, an online site, which sees people complain about issues in their area, The News and Star has been on the lookout for the worst potholes. 

B5307, Moorhouse Road

This report from February says that there are multiple potholes on both sides of the road. The user who reported the issue said there are "multiple potholes which are getting bigger".

The potholes span approximately 150 metres of the road on both sides. The user said: "This is causing a distraction for other drivers and people swerving.

"[It is the] main route in and out of the city and off the main bypass. [It has] progressively worsened over the last 8 weeks.

The Knells, Houghton

This is a large pothole which is approximately 18" at the widest point and 2.5-3" deep at the sides, and deeper in the centre. This pothole has been here since January 2024 and was reportedly developing prior to that. 

News and Star: The Knells, HoughtonThe Knells, Houghton (Image: Fixmystreet)

Other repairs were carried out on the road during February, but this hole was not included. The user said: "It is right in the line where people cycle and even on a dry day is full of water. In wet weather it is impossible to see the hole causing people cycling to swerve into the middle of the road putting them at risk of people driving motor vehicles colliding in to them."

Westlinton, Carlisle

Two potholes that are both approximately 12" diameter and over 2" deep have been reported on a country road near Westlinton.

News and Star: Westlinton, CarlisleWestlinton, Carlisle (Image: Fixmystreet)

The potholes have present since January (and were not filled when road was recently patched and other holes filled). The user said that the potholes are "not visible when is has rained." and they are "a hazard for people wheeling/cycling causing them to have to swerve across the road to avoid them."

Thornby, Wigton

This user who reported the issue on April 4, 2024 posted an image showing a pothole which was filling with water.

News and Star: Thornby, WigtonThornby, Wigton (Image: Fixmystreet)

The user said that the pothole is approximately 50cm.

B5302, Abbeytown

There are multiple potholes across this stretch of road leading from Abbeytown. These potholes were first reported in April 2024.

News and Star:

One particular pothole here is incredibly deep, the user said: "Hit the dangerous pothole on our way home from our Easter break, the tyre instantly popped."