JUST a couple of months after a 'dating ad' was launched to try and help it find love, a Cumbria-based eagle has laid its first egg.

Amelia the endangered Steppe eagle has been 'divorced' twice on her search for love at Muncaster Castle, and the bird of prey centre were forced to reach out to other centres across the UK in the hope that they could find a potential mate. 

Louis arrived from Oxfordshire and quickly settled in with Amelia, and after an elaborate courtship ritual, the two endangered eagles have now paired for life. 

Two months on from Louis' arrival in Cumbria, Muncaster Castle have now confirmed that Amelia has laid her first egg.

On Facebook, they wrote: "We are thrilled that Amelia the endangered Steppe Eagle has laid an egg!

"We don't know if the egg is fertile but Amelia is doing a wonderful job of looking after her new egg. Look how proud she is!"