Cumberland Council have announced they are supporting 'The Big Switch Off' event, set to take place in Keswick on Tuesday, April 23.

Spearheaded by the Friends of the Lake District as part of their Dark Skies project, the event is a collaborative effort including the National Trust and Keswick Tourism Association.

It seeks to highlight the splendour of the night sky while advocating for electricity conservation.

From 8pm, councils and partners are calling on residents and businesses of Keswick to participate by turning off their lights overnight.

This aims to give individuals the chance to appreciate the significant impact on stargazing.

Approximately 60 lights in the areas of Lake Road, Hope Park, Crow Park, The Headlands, and Lake Road car park will be switched off during the occasion.

The Big Switch Off will predominantly affect the residents of The Heads, The Headlands, and Elliot Park, and those using the Lake Road car park.

For any queries, Cumberland Council have made available its Highways Hotline on 0300 373 3736 or the council website can be accessed for more information.

Cumberland Councillor Denise Rollo, executive member for sustainable, resilient and connected places, said: "This Big Switch Off event, aims to raise awareness about the advantages of preserving dark skies for people's enjoyment, health, and well-being.

"It contributes to the flourishing of wildlife and addresses climate change by reducing energy consumption, while boosting visitor footfall over the winter months."

She also announced: "The event is being supported by numerous partners, and will be complemented by other activities, including astro-photography sessions and wildlife walks in Crow Park.

"We hope for widespread support from the local community and businesses and want to encourage everyone to turn off their lights on Tuesday 23 April, in Keswick."

Adding to the conversation, Vanessa Metcalfe, tourism manager at Keswick tourism association Ltd, said: "We often see fantastic night-time photographs of the Milky Way above Derwentwater or Castlerigg Stone Circle.

"So, we hope there will be a great display on Tuesday night.

"There will be lots of ways for people to enjoy the night sky from Crow Park, including those who are new to star gazing."

Details of the event can be obtained from the Friends of the Lake District website by searching for ‘Keswick Big Switch Off April 2024’.