A WAR veteran and charity fundraiser met with prime minister Rishi Sunak. 

Mark Harding, of Wigton, met with Mr Sunak at the RAF Museum where he announced a 'dedicated employment support service' for veterans. 

After being injured whilst fighting in Afghanistan and told that he would never walk again Mark has regained some of his mobility and now spends his time fundraising for military charities. 

Most recently Mark walked from John O' Groats to Lands End fundraising for Scotty's Little Soldiers, a charity that supports the children of military parents. 

Mr Harding said: "It is our responsibility to ensure that we provide the best possible support and opportunities for our veterans and ramp it up tenfold That is why the government is completely transforming how we deal with our veterans.

"They have established the Office for Veterans' Affairs, appointed a dedicated veterans minister Johnny Mercer in the Cabinet, and introduced the first-ever draft Veterans Bill.

"These measures aim to recognize veterans as one of our nation's greatest assets and to provide them with the support they deserve.

Prime minister Rishi Sunak told The Sun: "Those who have served in uniform are the best of us — and that doesn’t change when they swap the uniform for a suit or a hard hat.

"So I’m determined we will help these incredible men and women to thrive and contribute in civilian life.

"Put simply, we must serve them as well as they have served us."

Mr Harding continued: "Furthermore, we understand that many veterans are still young and ready to embark on new challenges and careers.

"We have placed a strong focus on helping veterans find good jobs, but commitment goes beyond that. We are determined to help these incredible men and women thrive and contribute to civilian life."

"Let us continue to support and honour our UK veterans and families and children, especially our bereaved military Children.

"They have served us with unwavering dedication and sacrifice, and it is now our turn to serve them.

"Together, we can make this the best country in the world to be a UK veteran and our families and children especially our bereaved children."