A pair of new benches have been added to a popular Brampton woodland path. 

The new benches are now in place at the bottom of the Black Path in Brampton's Gelt Woods. 

Alister Neville created the new benches that have replaced a pair of previously broken ones in the woods and after they were installed, Fellfoot Forward's Fiona Knox provided all the details about the new sitting spots.

She said: "The benches are replacing the previous bench that was broken.

"Alister Neville was recommended by Brampton Walkers are Welcome and he has made a great job of two rustic benches made from oak.

"They are at the top of the bank and positioned so a group of walkers, family, and individuals can sit together to eat lunch or take a break.

"They are untreated and will lose their new look and become weathered and silver-coloured over time.

"He has left the uprights to mirror the tall beech trees around."