Keswick Mountain Rescue Team were called out twice in quick succession on Thursday April 11 to assist injured walkers. 

First, 16 team members travelled to Helvellyn at 15.51 to rescue a 49-year-old man who was close to summiting Helvellyn when he had a sudden and painful injury to his calf muscle. Despite being unable to weight bear he had managed to crawl/shuffle a good way down the mountain, helped by a couple of passing walkers, before Keswick team arrived. After pain relief and lower leg splinting he was packaged on a stretcher and sledged down to the car park.

That rescue took two hours and 27 minutes complete.

Shortly after finishing the last incident a number of team members made their way to Honister for a familiarisation of the adventure area inside the mine.

Similarly Cockermouth MRT decided on using the Keswick base for rope rescue training rather than an outdoor crag in Borrowdale.

However news came that a woman had an ankle injury at Styhead after descending Scafell Pike. Keswick team members in the mine were initially unable to receive the rescue alert so Cockermouth and other Keswick team members deployed.

A group of four including the casualty were found sheltering from the elements in the stretcher box at Styhead pass. The Cockermouth team were first on scene and undertook the first aid. The woman was stretchered in a combined team effort, including the re-directed Keswick mine group, to Seathwaite and an awaiting ambulance.

17 Keswick  and nine Cockermouth team members were involved with the second rescue, which took five hours and seven minutes.