A sales manager from Carlisle is set to appear on the new season of the BBC cooking show Masterchef. 

Tom Johnston, was born and raised in Moffat, Scotland, before moving to Carlisle in 2010 where he lives with his wife and three daughters.

The 42-year-old will appear in heat six, which will be the second episode of week three, at 8pm on BBC One on Thursday, April 18. 

Tom has been a fan of Masterchef for many years and was inspired to apply by his late mother, and wife.

He said: "I love home-cooked British food, using locally sourced produce, that the family can sit down together and enjoy. Cooking meals that my family love means everything. I love getting my kids involved in the kitchen. Some of my biggest inspirations are Tom Kitchin, James Martin and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

“My mum’s favourite room in the house was the kitchen. She was always baking and I can still remember the amazing smells so clearly. Having lost her six months ago, those memories are something I will really carry with me throughout the competition."

News and Star: Tom's fellow contestants that will appear on Thursday's showTom's fellow contestants that will appear on Thursday's show (Image: Shine TV/BBC)

“Me and my family have watched MasterChef since the very beginning and look forward to the new series every year, so it’s amazing to see it still going so strong. John and Gregg have become a regular fixture on our TV for the past 20 years! The standard of cooking gets better each time and it’s amazing to see how many contestants have gone on to do such exciting things following their time on the show. I can only hope to be as lucky!

"Every year I say to my wife ‘I’d love to be on that show.’ Last year I finally decided to put in an application thinking nothing would come of it - and look at me now!"

Tom would love to showcase his cooking skills in Cumbria following the show.

He added: "I would absolutely love to do some private dining experiences or supper clubs, especially around Cumbria and Scotland. The ultimate dream is to be able to turn my passion into something that works around my family life.”