The Royal Air Force (RAF) Spadeadam has announced a training exercise. 

Residents of Cumbria and Northumberland are being advised ahead of the 'night flying' exercise which will run from 11am to 7pm on April 16. 

In a post on social media, RAF Spadeadam highlighted that aircraft may continue to transit through the range after the specified time.

"We thank you for your understanding and your continuing support whilst we deliver this essential operational training," a post read. 

In March last year, a large-scale and international Royal Air Force training exercise saw aircraft from all over the world touchdown at Carlisle's Lake District Airport. 

The multinational live-fly exercise, Cobra Warrior 2023, brought with it air force detachments from Belgium and the United States, as well as from Finland, India and Saudi Arabia landing all throughout the UK, including Cumbria. 

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