A Carlisle gaming group is helping people brush off their stresses at its popular miniature painting session. 

The painting sessions were started by Carlisle Gamers member Ren Bell as a way to bring people with an interest in the intricate craft together.

The sessions take place fortnightly on Monday nights at Carlisle Gamer's Lowther Street base and see attendees paint miniatures from various universes such as Warhammer, Blood Bowl, Dungeons and Dragons, and Pokemon. 

News and Star: "The idea for the painting sessions came from the fact that there was not actually anything at Gamers for that," Ren said. 

"I am a new starter when it comes to miniature painting and I don't have an awful lot of experience, and it was my husband who introduced me to it a couple of years ago.

"I had some Blood Bowl miniatures that needed painting so I thought, what if I do some painting sessions where people can get involved, paint together, and then we can also give each other tips.

The painting sessions at Carlisle Gamers are also not just focused on the decoration of these elaborate miniatures.

News and Star: Ren explained how since the group's creation it has been booming in popularity and provided locals with or without an interest in miniature painting a social space. 

She said: "We have had so many newcomers coming who haven't even been to Carlisle Gamers but have heard about the painting sessions and have come down. 

"A lot of these people just come down to hang out and chat and have a bit of company but then they give it a go and then by the end they really enjoy it.

News and Star: "People build themselves up thinking that it is very tricky and frustrating but in reality, it is very therapeutic. 

"We gather socially and I always advertise it as a couple of hours where you can leave your troubles at the door and come and paint."