PLANS to extend an existing property in the Brampton area have been submitted to Cumberland Council.

The site, which covers an area of 140.5 square metres, is a farm at Haytongate, Lanercost.

The applicant is hoping to build an orangery and a two-storey side extension linking to a workshop to provide additional living accommodation on the ground floor.

A planning document states: "The property is at the junction of three footpaths popular with those walking along the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail. The Priory Church and Lanercost Abbey are about 0.8km to the south of Haytongate.

"Haytongate primarily comprises a former farmhouse, a single storey former cow byer (currently used as a workshop by Gelts Gifts Ltd) and a two-storey barn which has been converted into a two bed holiday let.

"It is understood that Haytongate Farm was originally part of the Naworth Castle Estate with the farmhouse having a date stone of 1847. It is not a listed building but, although significantly altered over the years, is being treated for these purposes as a non-designated heritage asset.

"Haytongate is also on the line of Hadrian’s Wall which is a Scheduled Monument as well as part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Hadrian’s Wall) World Heritage Site."

The report adds: "The protection of the significance and outstanding universal values of the World Heritage Site relies on existing national planning legislation and policies.

"The list entry explains that the 118km-long Hadrian's Wall was built on the orders of the Emperor Hadrian circa 122AD at the then northernmost limits of the Roman province of Britannia."

The report states that the farmhouse was constructed using local sandstone walling and Westmorland slate on the roof and adds: "At some stage the main house was derelict until 1990 when it was renovated.

"The current proposal has been designed to primarily continue with the character and appearance of a traditional long house."

The report concludes: "It is considered that proposal is acceptable in terms of design and appearance and of an appropriate scale and nature to the character and function of the location of the site, and would maintain local distinctiveness, sense of place and tranquillity.

"In overall terms, the harm caused by the proposal to Haytongate and Hadrian’s Wall/World Heritage Site will be neutral/less than substantial leaving significance undiminished."

The application is being considered by planning officials at the council.